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Links of preps for stippling

1. Fine line drawing pens

I highly recommend to get a MICRON Pens Set of 3 to start. You can create different types of shadows by using different sized pens. You should try some different sizes out and figure out which size would be suitable for your artwork even if you want to use only a single pen.

White Ink Pen (OPTIONAL)

Stippling drawings are usually black dots on white paper. But some artists such as Pet & Dot have developed white dot stippling drawings. If you are interested to try, here are the links of white pens. White pens can be also used for small correction too.

Image Source: Pet & Dot

*Maintenance advise for technical pens* To store, seal with cap and lay horizontally or put in Pen-Station. Nib and cap should be cleaned from time to time. You can use the professional rOtring cleaner fluid, to clean the different pen parts. When cleaning Isograph, Pull/twist off the push-on sleeve (if the sleeve is stuck tight, use extractor in the cap) After cleaning, rinse all components with clean water and dry carefully. Never disassemble the drawing nib as this will void the warranty.


I tried this method with Windex (since I didn't have the cleaning solution, but I recommend getting the right one if you want to keep using it) and started working again.

Here is the how-to video to clean the rOtring isograph pen. Try this way when your isograph gets stuck with ink!

2.Brush Pen

I recommend PENTEL in general to fill the solid black areas & for outlining. It's more precise and the tip last much longer compared to other felt tipped brush pens.

Pentel Arts Pigment Ink Color Brush

3. Sketchbook / drawing paper

Normal - heavyweight drawing paper, 8"x 10"or bigger preferred.

Strathmore 400 series No.80 Drawing Pads, 8"x10"

Strathmore 400 series Heavyweight Drawing Pads, 9"x12"

4. Pencils, Eraser, Ruler and drawing compasses

Preps for pencil sketches

You can use any pencils for pencil sketch, but harder leads are preferred. The sketch can be really messy if you draw with softer leads. I use a regular mechanical pencil with HB leads.

For eraser, I highly recommend to get a kneaded eraser. Regular eraser can mess up the ink surface pretty often. Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser

For ruler and drawing compass, you can mostly use regular ones.


The Best Fine liner Pens

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