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Lesson 2: Let's draw a simple, small artwork

MOUNTAINS IN A CIRCLE: The perfect stippling project for beginners

Draw Mountain ranges in a circle

This is actually the best project you can work on after you finished the first project.

It is a simple concept, but still has a lot of freedom to design on your own.

From this study, you can develop the sense of creating many values of shadow.

It’s also a very soothing theme to draw. Don’t be stressed out too much and just try to enjoy drawing!


1. Get some mountain picture you want to refer to It would be easier if you can convert the image in black & white on your phone or photoshop.

2. Circle Use a drawing compass. Use some circle-shaped stuff and you can trace it or just draw it freehand if you don’t have it. The size of the circle must be at least 4”.

3. Pencil Sketch Design your mountain range as you like. Refer to the image (1) would be easier. You must have at least 4 ranges so each range has different tones.

You can simply just draw the mountains, or you can add something else such as sun or moon, UFO to make it a unique design.

Mountains are natural shapes, so you don’t need to be precise about the shapes.

Focus more on the balance of the composition and making beautiful gradations.

4. Inking Draw darker to lighter mountains from the front to the back. You can express the perspective in this way. Play with different nibs to create different shadows.

Students Works

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