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Lesson 4: Draw a realistic eye

How to draw a realistic eye

Pencil Sketch: How you can draw a perfect shape of eye

1. Draw a circle on a paper, then see the angle of the eye you are referring to. Use a compass and a ruler, and draw the straight slope line along the angle of the eye that you are referring to through your circle.

2. Start with the inner corner of the eye, then draw the eye shape Draw the inner corner right outside the circle. It's usually a deep U or V shape. Then draw the upper eyelid which will go up across and down ending at the intersection where the circle and straight line meet. Look carefully at the shape of the eye: Is it almond shape, upturned or hooded eye?

The upper eyelid usually has a deeper curve than the bottom one. Pay attention to the space between the line and the top eyelid. Lessen the gap a little bit for the bottom lid while trying to maintain the entire eye shape.

3. Draw the eyelid crease (if you are drawing double eyelid)

Now, draw the eyelid crease which kind of follow its shape. It normally ends above the straight line, then lightly draw a boundary line inside the corner of the eye.

4. Draw the iris

Draw the iris about 2/4 length of the eye from the boundary line and the outer corner.

Split the space into 4 equal sections and use the middle 2 sections for the iris.

See your reference carefully and adjust the size.

Mark the irises width then draw a full circle even if it goes outside the eyes, then erase the outside part after you made a perfect round shape.

You got the main shape perfectly. Now, let's make a mark in the center of iris: draw a pupil.

You should add some reflection inside/around the pupil so that you can express the texture of a glassy eyeball. Mark where the highlighted areas are then make sure you keep them blank. Those parts will be completely white or very light tone so that the contrast will make the glassy texture at the end.

5. Add the eyelashes roughly

You don't need to draw them precisely. This will be just the guideline when you draw the eyelashes with ink. If you want to include the eyebrow, draw the eyebrow shape roughly too.

Now, you can finally start inking!

You can download The Eye Stippling Worksheet here.

Download PDF • 7.21MB


It’s easier to start outlining with dots.

Either way you want to keep everything in dots or mix with solid outlines, follow the pencil sketch with dot lines first. You can always thicken the line later if you want to emphasize the shade on some parts This video shows the basic process of eye stippling drawing and it is very on point!

Here's the breakdown...

1. Use the right materials 2. Use a pencil outline

3. Dark parts first

4. Take your time

5. Choose your dot size carefully

6. Create your dots in a zig-zag motion

7. Don't draw hair in dots

8. Create smaller shapes

9. Compare values 10. Set smaller goals

I just want to add one note: About 7. Don't draw hair in dots, I also don't draw hair in dots either.

Above is my drawing of Audrey Hepburn's eye.

I usually mix with line work when the subject has hair, and I like how the solid lines add some sharpness to it. But I have seen some of the amazing stippling art that are purely drawn just in dots. It will look even more delicate and impressive if you draw even hair in dots.

This eye drawing below was proudly drawn by one of my previous students, Jenna!

I was so impressed that she drew everything including hair in dots. She did such an amazing job on this drawing.

This image below is a digital dot graphic. Even this was made digitally it is a great inspiration for you to figure out how you want to draw your eye stippling drawing.

So, the way you express the hair is totally up to you. There are no strict rules in art :)

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